10 Back to School Activities

It is time to go back to school and make sure that your kids are well-prepared for their future class lessons. Depending on their weaknesses, let them do a series of exercises that will hone their art, spelling, reading or math skills. Here are 10 back to school activities that your child can easily do at home:




Sudoku is a very challenging number puzzle that originated from Japan. The objective of this puzzle is to fill in the 9 x 9 grid with numbers. However, not a single number must be repeated in any square, row or column. Introduce Sudoku to your kids early by making your own puzzle. Start with a 4 x 4 grid and use shapes or various objects to spike his interest.


Word Search

Compile 4 to 5 letter words that your child knows how to spell. Write these words, in equal spacing, either diagonally, backwards or forwards. To make a box, add some random letters. Let your child find the words by circling them as fast as he can.


Find the Difference

Test the patience and attention span of your child by letting him do a Find the Difference activity. Limit the differences to about 5 first and add some more once he has mastered it. To make his type of activity, you can either draw it yourself or download some via the internet.


Paper Plate Clock

Teach your kids how to tell the time by letting them make a paper plate clock. Using a marker or crayons, let your child write in the numbers around the plate. Use a paper brad for the arrows and the clock is ready for use.




Word Scramble

Write scrambled words on a sheet of paper and let your child unscramble all the words. You can draw pictures on the sides to provide hints to harder words.


Tracing Activities

Does your child need to improve on his handwriting skills? Let him trace words and sentences via dot to dot or dashes. Constant practice using this technique will surely help make his handwriting more legible and beautiful.


Greeting Cards

Let your child create several greeting cards for his classmates and teachers. These cards are also a great way to introduce themselves to new classmates. Allow him to use any art materials like cardboard, glitters, crayons, lace and the like.


Domino Addition

Teach your child how to do math in his head by just looking at domino pieces. If you do not have actual dominoes, make a set out of cardboard and markers. Start with smaller number first to minimize frustration and confusion.




Flashcards are great helpers when it comes to educating your children. Create your own flashcards to hone your child’s skills in phonetics and spelling. To begin, let your child look at the words and the cards for a few seconds and let him write what he saw. Doing this activity would also enhance his concentration and attention span.


Identifying Shapes

Draw several dogs, clowns or cars on a clean sheet of paper and add in different shapes on your drawing discreetly. Let your child find all the shapes that you have drawn. This activity can also be timed for a bit of a challenge.

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