10 best gifts you can give kids without spending money

Birthdays and Christmases are just some of the occasions that your kid would expect presents. But what if you and your family are undergoing a financial crisis and can’t afford to buy anything? What are the 10 best gifts you can give kids without spending money?

Even if you are low on funds, make an effort to give your kids gifts that would make them happy. You don’t need to have lots of money to give them these wonderful, from-the-heart gifts:

1. Coupons

Give out coupons that offer special privileges for your kids like: an extra hour of TV, a day of chore exemption, or a pass for personalized breakfast of his choice. The options are unlimited. Fun and effortlessly easy, you can use any paper that you find at home, just jazz it up with stickers, crayon drawings and cut out shapes, objects or letters.

2. Cardboard Castles

If you have a lot of large cardboard boxes lying around, transform them into mini castles and forts. Cut out windows and flap doors. Perfect for toddlers, these cardboard castles will entice your children’s imaginations. They can pretend to be royalty or powerful knights and warriors.

3. Custom Wooden Blocks or Puzzles

 Are you adept with carpentry or woodworking? Saw pieces of wood and make them into blocks or puzzles. Make sure to sand the wood properly and decorate them by using non-toxic paint.

4. Desserts

Kids love sweet desserts. If your child has a particular favorite, bake him a large batch and surprise him. Tell him that he doesn’t even have to share with the rest of the family because it was specially made just for him.

5. Day out

Take your child out for a memorable day out in the playground or park without your neigborhood. Surprise him by playing with him in the slides, swings and monkey bars instead of just watching him.

6. Fix ‘Em

Does your child have a favorite toy that’s slightly damaged or very dirty? Surprise your child by fixing and cleaning his toy and making it as good as new. Make add-ons if you can like extra clothes for her doll or substituting accessories for his robots.

7. Make it

If you know how to sew, make cloth dolls and figures for your children. If you have a daughter, make a cute quilt doll. For your son, make a soldier or robot figure out of a template. Stuff the doll and figures with cotton and shredded strips of an old t-shirt.

8. Hand puppets

Use the old and outgrown socks of your child and draw funny faces to make hand puppets. If you have added materials, glue some faux hair and other accessories that would make your puppets more fun.

9. Shaped crayons

Melt broken and stubbed crayons in a shaped silicon baking pan and place it in the oven. Mix and match the crayon colors to create a special type of crayon.

10. Give permission

 Has your child been asking for your permission to do something like go on a sleepover or use a certain gadget? As a gift, give him permission for the one thing that he has been asking you for a long time. He would surely be happy.

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