Top 10 books for toddlers

One of the most popular memories adults recall, is bedtime stories or times when their parents spent some quiet time with them, reading happy stories together. Studies have proven that this special bonding time is not only invaluable in building closeness but also gives your child a sense of peace, security and comfort that will last a lifetime.  Using this time and the books as tools to teach your child about new things, is also another advantage not to be missed. The following are some of the more popular and highly recommended toddler books which will help foster closer ties between parent and child:

  • The happy egg – toddlers are the most curious and fascinating beings and their minds are like sponges, absorbing anything and everything. This book is a playful and fun way to introduce the phenomenon of a baby bird originating from an egg.
  • Fast foods – most toddlers are fussy eaters and are usually more interested in exploring rather than eating. The author of this book takes ordinary fruits and vegetables and transforms them into cute animals and objects. This can be a fun way to attract the attention of your toddler to these particular, otherwise non-popular food groups. You can eventually extend this knowledge acquired, into a game of sorts for your toddler during meal times.
  • Yummy yucky – this book is a lifesaver for parents with toddles who are constantly drawn to putting stuff in their mouths. The fun way the author illustrates yummy and yucky helps your toddler cut back on the random experiments of tasting fest.
  • Counting kisses – this lovely book helps to create the soothing and snuggling moments for parent and toddler. This is especially comforting, as a normally fussy toddler will usually settle down quite quickly when mummy or daddy starts to read from this book.
  • Sheep in the Jeep – nursery rhymes have always managed to be a fun filled time for parents and toddlers. Funny actions and sounds usually encourage peels of heart-warming laughter.
  • Baby happy, baby sad – toddlers really don’t understand emotions but they are experts at showing them unexpectedly and often loudly. Introducing this book to your toddler may help both of you understand and relate better to these unexpected bouts.
  • The family book – if your toddler is surrounded by unconventional family units, this may be a great way to helping your toddler feel comfortable and accepting of these unconventional settings. It would certainly help your toddler with any confusing thought patterns ( and don’t think toddlers don’t have them).
  • The big shiny sparkly first words book – it is not unusual for parents today to want to give their toddlers a head start and this book provides the perfect tool for this.
  • Baby beluga – wonderfully illustrated, this book feeds the imagination of the toddler with friendly and big sea creatures.
  • Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? – this is a great book for interactive participation. Your toddler can be encouraged to learn as he/she goes along spotting and identifying animals and objects.

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