10 free things to do with the kids (part 2)

The best things in life are indeed free and so are these five awesome activities you can do this weekend with the family. Here’s a list of the free things to do with the kids right here in Singapore!

Be a photographer
These days everyone is an aspiring photographer, especially with the ready availabilty of affordable cameras and specialised camera apps. Go on a photo trail with your children and see Singapore in a different light. The views are free but the experience and memories, priceless.

Go for a bazaar
The Deepavali bazaar at Serangoon officially opens this week. So get into the spirit of the ‘Festival of Lights’ and soak in the atmosphere of Little India. You can get indian sweets and goodies as well as pretty ethnic outfits for the whole family at a bargain. The beautiful lights on display will mesmerise even the most jaded child.

Why not bring the kids to an Old Folk’s Home or an orphanage or even to the SPCA. It will be a great opportunity to give back to society and teach your kids the importance of caring for others less fortunate than themselves. It’s a great way to bond with the family as well as the residents of the home. Not only do you save money, you are also enriching your own lives.

Be a city planner
Head to the URA City gallery and try your hand at building your own Singapore with the interactive model blocks. You can also learn all about the history of Singapore’s urban development through the many displays, interactive touchscreens and 3D animations on site.

 Fly a kite
There’s nothing quite as liberating as flying a kite, with the wind on your face as you run and coax the kite up into the air, it just speaks of childhood. So this weekend make a day out of kite flying. Use the morning to make the kite with your kids with the stuff you already have at home. Let them design it and really make the kite their own. Then in the evening you can hit the many different parks that are great for the activity. Our favourites are Marina Barrage and Punggol Park!





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