10 ways to avoid being naughty this X’Mas

Christmas time is not just about celebrating a specific holiday but it could also be a religious festivity. No matter which category you belong, this joyous time is all about being nice and not naughty. So do you think you’ll be on the nice list this year? Here are 10 ways to avoid being naughty this X’Mas.

Don’t let Santa Claus put you in the naughty list this year by changing your behaviour. Of course, ensure that your good behaviour goes all year round and not just during the holiday season.

Don’t be violent.

Physically and emotionally hurting anyone definitely won’t put you in Santa’s nice list. Christmas is the time for peace, kindness, and love and being violent just does not fit. Avoid being hateful to anyone. If you always have a hot temper, avoid confrontations and just walk away. Also, being violent should not stop at people but should extend to animals as well. All animals deserve love and affection too.

Materialism is bad.

When you treasure high technology gadgets more than your friends or family, then you’ll definitely be in Santa’s naughty list. It is not bad to need modern things but it is definitely bad to want everything that results to a neglected family and overwhelming debt.

No stealing please.

Stealing isn’t just limited to actually getting a physical object from someone. Now, stealing branches out to claiming someone’s ideas as your own, claiming someone’s words as your own, or claiming pictures as your own. All these are much worse if you had used them for financial gain. Avoid stealing, plagiarism and piracy at all times.

Say your “Please” and “Thank you”s

Please and thank you – these magic words go a long way so don’t forget to say them as often as you can. Don’t just save these words to your boss or your family but say them to everyone who you interact with including the bellhop, supermarket cashier, housekeepers and more.

Do good things.

Always do good things to your friends, family and complete strangers. But the catch is to never expect anything in return. Santa would reward you even more if you do good things to people who are nasty to you.

Offer smiles.

Be ready to offer a smile to anyone at anytime. Save your flashier smiles for complete strangers, the return smile that you’ll get would be much more satisfying.

Work hard for others.

It is obvious that working hard should be because you want to succeed but think of the bigger picture. Work hard for your family and work hard for your team.

Show you care.

Shower lots of affection to your family and friends especially when they least expect it. One doesn’t have to display excessive amounts of PDA (public display of affection) to show you care for the person. It could just be hand holding, friendly pecks on the cheeks, a high five and others.

Be generous.

Being generous doesn’t mean that you have to give away all your fortune. Be generous in other things too. Being generous could mean that you share your time, talent and knowledge to those who need it.

Be positive.

Having a positive outlook would always land you on Santa’s nice list because positivity is contagious and would affect other people as well.

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