10 worst Xmas gifts to avoid giving your kid

When giving gifts to your child, make sure that each item is not just age appropriate but safe as well. So take the time in finding the right gift and take note of the 10 worst Xmas gifts to avoid giving your kid.

Toys are definitely the most common type of gifts that parents give to their kids. There are a lot of toys available in the market today and all manufacturers are aggressively marketing each of them especially during Christmas time. However as a parent, you should be vigilant as to what item to buy because they could be very dangerous for your child.

Toys with Choking Hazards and Small, Removal Parts

Children below three years old should never be given toys that contain small and removable parts. Kids of this age do not really know how to play with certain toys yet and often result to licking and chewing the toys instead. If the toy is small, he may accidentally swallow it and choke if left unattended.

  1. Mini building block pieces like Lego or Megablocks
  2. Small balls and marbles

Magnetic Toys

Magnets of varying sizes are often used in toys nowadays. However, parents should be wary about buying these types of toys. This is because these magnets are quite powerful and contain harsh elements. Although ingestion of a magnet do not pose a threat to a child, accidentally swallowing two or more magnets (no matter how small) could be deadly. Because of its power, the magnets could attract each other and may bore holes in the body in order to stick together. These dangerous magnets could also block the bowel and perforate the intestines.

  1. Magnetic puzzle pieces
  2. Dress up dolls or action figures (that use magnets to attach clothes or accessories)
  3. magnetic board games and fishing games

Offensively Loud Toys

Children have very sensitive ears and are quite susceptible to hearing loss if constantly exposed to loud sounds. If the toy that your child wants plays certain sounds, test it out first. If it is loud for you then it is too loud for your child.

  1. Toys with repetitive, loud sounds
  2. Toy megaphones or microphones

Injury–inducing Toys

Toys that encourage shooting or fighting movements should always be avoided if possible.  This type of toys could not only destroy personal properties but could injure other individuals as well.

  1. Pellet guns
  2. Light sabers and swords
  3. Boxing gloves

Overly colorful toys

In the past years, a cornucopia of toys had been recalled because they pose a deadly threat to the kids. No, the toys didn’t have a sharp edge or anything. These toys were, instead, brightly painted. Based on studies, the toys turned out to be painted with very deadly lead paint. Lead paint is often used in toys because the colors turn out to be more vivid. Unfortunately when ingested, the lead content in the paint can be fatal. Steer clear from overly bright (paint) toys and read the package warning.

Now that you’ve seen this list, meticulously check all the toys that are given to your kids by other people as well. If you can, inform other parents about the numerous toys to prevent any accidents from happening. Remember that the price of the toy does not determine it’s quality. It is the parts and materials used to create the toy.

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