15 Endearing Classic Children’s Stories

We all have memories of a favorite story from our childhood; the one book that we begged to hear over and over again — often as soon as the last page was turned. Have you ever stopped to consider what it was that made that book so special? Check out 15 of the most popular children’s books…

The fond memories your special book brings are something you need to pass on to your children. Giving your children the gift of story books takes them on adventures, comforts them, teaches morals and good character and stirs their imagination and creativity. Statistics also show that children who are read to have better reading skills than those who are not.The following beloved children’s books are what I like to call the ‘gems of children’s literature’. Some are better known than others, but all have proven to be stories that captivate and mesmerize your children…causing them to beg, ‘Read it again, please!’

NOTE: The following list is in no particular order of popularity or literary honors.

(Article from theasianparent)

A House Is A House For Me By Mary Ann Hoberman

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This genius book of matching dozens of items to their ‘house’ is engaging, entertaining and creative. The illustrations are whimsical and eye-catching.

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