5 alternative things to do on Valentine’s Day


It doesn’t have to be only candlelight dinners and romance every 14 February. Try these five tips to get your family involved for a fresh spin on Valentine’s Day.


  1. Start a unique family Valentine’s Day tradition. It can be elaborate as meal at home or as simple as giving out heart-shaped chocolates to your children or a special note or card.
  2. Take a quiet walk together. Try East Coast Park or a reservoir such as Lower Seletar Family Bay if you wish to stay closer to home.
  3. Go to the Singapore Zoo and let kids experience nature instead of watching it on TV.
  4. Get baking and involve kids in the process. They will feel proud of making their own Valentine’s themed cookies or cupcakes. Visit a famous bakery like Kyo Cakes for more ideas.
  5. Make your own Valentine’ Day cards. Take out some coloured paper, glue, and paints and let your kids unleash their creative imaginations. You can buy these items at major bookshops such as Kinokuniya and {prologue} which supply a wide range of stationery.


Remember that the main idea is to enjoy the gift of much-needed time together as family.

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