5 fun year end festive activities to do with family

Christmas time is definitely a joyous occasion where family members come together and share good food and better conversation. But with these 5 year end festive activities to do with family, the holidays would be even merrier.

Everyone loves the holidays because it gives them an excuse to be very cheery and overly excited. Once the family is all together, get them to participate in fun activities that would surely be remembered year after year.

1. Christmas Songs Tag Team

Bring out the karaoke and divide the family into two teams. Let each team start the game by belting out a sentence or two of a Christmas song. The second team should take note of the last word that the first time sang and must begin their song with the same word. This singing will be such a hoot but a challenge at the same time. Choose popular songs as well as not-too-famous ones. After the game, the entire family could have a karaoke fest.

2. Name that Tune

Depending on the size of your family, form several groups. Have a designated person play a few seconds of different Christmas song. He could either play from the chorus, opening or ending. The groups have to think fast and be the first ones to name the tune! They could ring a bell or clap their hands before taking a guess. This game could get really loud and rowdy so make sure to close all doors and windows to avoid disturbing the neighbours… too much.

3. Charades – Christmas version

Nothing is as fun a charades except for Christmas charades! With the Christmas themed puzzles, all family members should have a great time guessing them.  The first team to guess five puzzles win. The prize could be extra servings of dessert for the winning team. Don’t forget to give the kids their chances to showcase their charade skills too. They could even play among themselves if they are old and large enough in number. The losing team must perform the dares that the winning team will tell them to do.

4. Christmas Pictionary

Just like the Christmas charades, use Christmas themes for the Christmas Pictionary. Use several large sheets of paper or a whiteboard with a black marker. To make the game more fun, divide the groups according to families. The teammates should take turns in drawing the puzzles and penalties would be given to those who speak or give clues. The competition would be like no other – but keep it clean and fun.

5. Wrapping Frenzy

They say that Christmas is about presents so why not make it a game? Group your family according to age, family or gender. Prepare clear tape, wrappers and ribbons for each group and race against time and opponents to wrap as many gifts as they can. Each team member should take turn and have the chance to wrap a gift. Special prizes should be given to those who wrapped their gifts beautifully even when under pressure.


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