5 gifts you can make with your kid for X’Mas – Part 1

Are you feeling artistic and creative this year? Try these 5 gifts that you can make with your kid for X’Mas. This is a two-part post so make sure to read the second part as well.

Christmas gifts do not have to be expensive or store bought. In fact, these gifts would mean even more if they were lovingly made and crafted from the heart. Practice creativity, broaden your imagination and use materials that are readily found in the home if you can.

Chocolate Spoons

Desserts that are easy to make, chocolate spoons are perfect gifts to make with your kid. If your child is old enough to use the microwave, tell her to melt baker’s chocolate by following the package instructions. Wait for the melted chocolate to cool a bit before dipping a plastic spoon and thickly coating it with chocolate. Sprinkle peanuts, candies, cookie crumbles, small fruit slices or other available ingredients you might have on the spoon. Let dry on wax paper before wrapping in plastic or foil. Let your child do the rest of the spoons until all the chocolate is gone.

Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

If you have extra meters of fabric that you won’t use anymore, make personalized handkerchiefs by adding monograms. Cut out several squares out of the fabrics and sew the edges appropriately. Instruct your child to write the name of the recipient by using fabric crayons or textile glue. Allow him to be creative and let him draw designs if he wants to. If fabric crayons were used, you may need to iron the handkerchief to seal in the design.

Pressed Flower Cards

Pick out assorted flowers with your kid and press them inside a very heavy book. When the pressed flower is ready to use, make a card out of heavy paper or other material that you prefer and cut out a window in front. Position the pressed flower in between two transparent plastic pieces (slightly larger than the cut-out). Mount it by using transparent tape on the underside. Let your child write the card’s message too.

Pom-Pom Snowman Tree Ornament

Making Christmas crafts is a great way to bond with your child. Create tree ornament out of leftover pom-poms, ribbons and felt. Ask your child to stack three different sized pom-poms and glue them together with the biggest at the bottom. Use a black marker to draw the eyes and buttons. Roll a small piece of orange parchment for the carrot nose. Tie a red ribbon around snowman’s neck just like a scarf. Glue a loop on top of the pom-pom to be able to hang the ornament. You and your child can actually create any design as long as you have the available craft supplies.

Scented Envelope Sachets

Get several envelopes and ask your child to draw a simple shape on each of them – heart, flower, or circle. Placing the envelopes on top of a cutting mat, use a pin to make evenly spaced dots on the envelope and carefully following the shape. Tell your child to fill in the envelope with roses, dried lemon peels or cedar shaving. To close, let him lick the envelopes or put some glue on the flaps.


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