5 gifts you can make with your kid for X’mas – Part 2

Are you looking for some holiday gift inspirations? Read on to find out what 5 gifts you can make with your kid for X’mas – Part Two.

Be more creative with your gifts this Christmas and even ask assistance from your child. Together, you should be able to create beautiful presents that are fun, from the heart and dirt cheap (just don’t tell the recipient).

Foam Stamps

Get a foam meat tray and cut out several square pieces – big or small depending on ask your child to draw design that she likes. Make sure that she presses hard enough to fully indent the design on the foam. Test the foam stamp to ensure that it will show the design properly. Once you and your child are satisfied with the design, you can wrap the stamps. Give out as many as you like with included stamp pads.

Scented Sugar

Do you have a relative or friend that likes a hint of flavour in her coffee or tea? You and your kid should give her some scented sugar. Using dried lemon or orange peels, vanilla beans or rose petals, ask your child to place a layer of sugar in a glass jar and then put in the scented edibles of your choice. Let your child to continue placing more layers of sugar and edibles on the jar until it is full. Seal the jars and let them sit for a few days before giving the jars to recipients.

Ribbon Photo Bookmark

Perfect for bookworm friends and relatives, begin making your ribbon photo bookmark by asking your child (if he is old enough) to cut about 6 inches of wide ribbon. Teach him to snip the edges to prevent any fraying. Once the ribbon is prepared, sew a photo (a size smaller than the ribbon that you’re using) that’s has a connection with the recipient – a child’s photo for a parent, a grandchild for a grandparent or of a pet for the animal lover. You can present this bookmark alone or with a new book.

Bath Salts

Body care products can be very expensive but did you know that you can make your own at half the price or lower? Bath salts, for instance, are inexpensive and easy to make. It does not require any harsh chemicals so your kid can help you in making it. The ingredients that you will need are 2 cups of large grains of organic cane sugar, or if not available, salt. Mix the sugar with 1 cup of carrier oil plus 8 drops of aromatic essential oils, and a drop of appropriate food coloring. As soon as everything is mixed, add your child to scoop the bath salts into small jars and decorate with ribbons or stickers.

Footprint Shirt

Footprint shirts make great gifts to Grandma and Grandpa and your kids would surely love making them. On a flat surface, lay out a t-shirt in a light color of your choice. Pour out fabric paint on a shallow dish (the variety of paint color depends on the number of kids that you have). Have your kids step into the paint and step all over the shirt. Ask your children not to step on the other footsteps to make each one more distinguishable. Grandma and Grandpa would surely have a “grand” time identifying which footstep belongs to whom.


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