5 simple craft ideas to make with your kids (Part 2)

I have not come across a child yet that does not like to make things. Especially if they can make a mess in the process. There are literally thousands of ideas for simple craft things that you could have right in your house. Many household items can be used to make things without having to go spend money. Have fun while working on these simple craft ideas together with your child.

Sock Puppets

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Sock puppets are the easiest thing to make and you more than likely already have everything to make them with. A few socks, yarn or scrapes of paper for the hair and some markers or construction paper for the nose and eyes. And of course some glue to hold it all together. Let the kids use their imagination with it and see what they come up with. Then when everyone gets done making their, put on a little show for your dinner guest one night.

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