5 ways to exercise your kids brain

Keeping a child’s brain exercised can be easily accomplished with fun brain games. Any parent knows that in order for your kid to pay attention you will need to make the game fun and interesting. Children do not have a very long attention span so anything you do will need to be about something they like or have an interest in. Here are 5 ways to exercise your kids brains, get their attention and keep it.

Brain games

There are several types of brain games you can play with your children. Memory games will help to stimulate your child’s memory and matching skills. Missing letter is a great way to teach a child their alphabet. Any of these types of games can be done at any time and any where. Just put on some silly kid music and start singing. Board games like checkers and chess are excellent games for kids to exercise their brain and learn to play with other kids.


Puzzles are a great way to exercise your child’s brain. Any type of puzzle will work and you can even buy the magazine with word puzzles in them for on the go. The internet will have thousands of puzzles you can print out for yourself or you kid. Many kids will like the puzzles with lots of colors and animals in them. The possibilities are endless and you will get some piece and quite when they are doing the paper puzzles.


This is a great brain exercise if you are in a place where you need your kid to stay occupied. They can read anything they are interested in. So many publishers have adapted many children books to be colorful and entertaining for all ages. Whether they are toddlers or teenagers, there is a book for them. Even if you have to grab some small magazines, it will still exercise their brain.

Video games

Video games offer a good way to learn hand-eye coordination. They have all different types out now that are portable and pocket size. A great way for everyone to practice some brain exercises. You can find anything in a video game now from alphabets, numbers, tic-tac-toe and even hangman. Adults need some brain exercises at time also, so do not be afraid to join your kid in a match.

Be Sociable

In a world where technology has pretty much taken over, no one just goes visiting their neighbors any more. Teach your child to be sociable. Have play dates with other children in their school. Set up a book club or some other type of adult activity with other parents who can bring their children. Many kids, especially only children, have a hard time socializing with other kids. Visiting and talking with people can help to keep your brain active.

There are many different things you can do to keep your child’s brain active. Anything you can do that will grab their attention will exercise their brain. Just put some colors and music to anything and you will be a hit in no time.

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