6 easy tips on preparing for a family picnic

Picnics are an amazing part of any kid’s life! It’s definitely one of those things you’ll never hear your kids say no to.  However, as the adult, planning a family picnic can also turn out to be a joy or a nightmare. We believe that the trick lies in the art of preparation. Preparing well for a family picnic takes some thought and careful planning, but don’t fret, the following essential tips will help get you through planning a great picnic without compromising the fun factor.

Choose the venue

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The first thing to decide on is the venue! Ideally, there should be several choices to choose from. If your backyard is not an option then a park would be a common alternative. Picnics in the park are very popular and most parks have facilities that can accommodate dozens of picnic enthusiasts at a time. Try some of these suggested places for your picnic: Singapore Botanic Gardens, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve or East Coast Park.


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