• 5 farms you never knew existed

    It's hard to believe but tiny Singapore does have farmland. Though it's unlikely your lunch consists of produce from here, they still make for a good trip with the kids. Check…

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    Genius R Us Enrichment Centre

    At Genius R Us enrichment centre, kids have a blast learning baking, academic, creative, and team building skills!

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To the Istana we go!

Last Sunday, we trooped to the National Day Istana Open House. It was the kids' and my first visit to the Istana! The 12th annual Istana Art Event, organized by the…

Fun in a box!

Rather than hunt for many different toys and interactive games, parents can simply acquire a LolliBox that includes a variety of engaging activities, each with different themes. LolliBox is a fun…

7 things to do this Hari Raya weekend!

The long holiday weekend is back and boy, do we have some exciting activities and events for you and your little ones! Ready for an adventure? Hop on the world’s first…

5 most un-Singaporean places you can take your kids

We’ve talked about places you can bring your kids for Singaporean-ness; how about stepping away from home, while still at home? We’re talking about places you can visit that have the ability to transport you into a whole different country altogether - well, experientially at least.

Can "family time" be enjoyable for both parents and children?

Kids and adults tend to be at such different stages in life that sometimes one wonders if they will ever be on the same page and enjoy doing things together.…

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