• Family get-aways

    Sentosa PLAYcation 2014!

    Thinking of where to go this holiday? Come on down to Sentosa and create larger-than-life memories with your loved ones! Sentosa PLAYcation 2014 hosts a wide array of fun-filled activities that…

  • Festivities

    Merry School Holiday Activities

    The longest school holiday of the year is coming soon. Are you scratching your head to come up with school holiday activities to keep your boundless balls of energy occupied?…

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Visit Changi City Point

This place is convenient to go for those living in the east. But of course if you are driving or don't mind taking public transportation, then you probably want to check this…

Trip to the Park

One of the many outdoor activities we enjoy is going to the parks for strolls, or in Blake’s case, runs. The closest park to our place, which is just across…

5 most Singaporean places you can take your kids

In the wake of National Day, I figure the best way to learn about Singapore is to live it. So I picked out 5 places that can best provide you and your kid an uniquely Singaporean experience.

7 things to do on National Day 2012

Planning to watch this year’s National Day Parade from the telly at home? Don’t be silly! Just because you didn’t manage to get tickets to the parade doesn’t mean you…

Janet Doman's tips on how to deal with bored kids

We met up with Janet Doman, Director of the Institues for the Achievement of Human Potential, and asked her a question that is on every parent's minds - How do…

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