• First look: Secondary schools in Singapore

    It's that time again for parents - deciding your child's next step in education. We're talking secondary schools! (secondary education in Singapore is applicable to children aged 12-18 years) Ever the friendly…

  • Dining

    Best Brunch Places in Singapore

    If you want to add brunch place in Singapore that you feel we left behind, do drop a comment below the poll.Continue reading →

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Family project: Build your child's dream room

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Burning off a toddler's energy at the Botanic Gardens

They say the best way to really challenge a child and their energy is by letting them play outside. This is precisely what The Botanic Gardens offers, a land filled…

5 best-kept secrets in Northeast Singapore

Every journey my son takes me, I see and learn something new. In a fast-paced society such as the one we live in, it takes a 3-year-old to teach me that this country may still hold such life and beauty, and yet we don't stop to think about and appreciate what is right at our doorstep. And indeed, it doesn’t take a lot to learn about life through the eyes of a child.

Museums in August

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Dessert: top 5 places for kids

I can't remember the last time I heard a child say they didn't want dessert. In fact, for them  dessert could easily and gladly replace the concept of lunch and…

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