A survivor’s guide to last minute Christmas shopping

Ohh no! It’s almost Christmas and you haven’t even put a dent into your Christmas shopping. Here are some tips to keep in mind before braving the shops for last minute shopping for your loved ones and friends.

  1. Plan, plan, plan: This is the crucial first step for any successful and efficient Christmas shopping, especially the last minute kind. First decide who you’re buying for, then what you would like to buy for them, and also have alternatives just in case what you want to get is out of stock.
  2. Prioritise: If you haven’t even started Christmas shopping, it’s best to get gifts for those closest and most important to you first like family and friends. Gifts exchange for the office party can be pushed back to another day or you could always rely on handy gift cards and vouchers.
  3. Set a budget: It is so easy to overspend when you’re Christmas shopping, especially when all you need to do is swipe that credit card or NETS it. So set a budget or at least a ceiling on the amount you’re willing to spend on gifts. A tip to keep your spending in check is to pay in cash so you can physically see that money disappearing in your wallet as you go through your list. (It’ll prevent you from getting distracted and picking up bargains at the year-end sales, when you’re supposed to have your eyes on gift shopping.)
  4. Go alone: Seriously, the best and most effective shopping is done when you’re alone and focused. Leave your kids at home. Having the young ones screaming and squirming in your arms while you’re trying to decide what to get your Mom and Dad is a disaster waiting to happen. Drop them off at your parents or get a sitter if you must but we strongly recommend making the trip alone.
  5. Shop at one place or area: Singapore is known as a shopper’s paradise and our little red dot is littered with malls on every corner. So pick one that has all your favourite shops or cater to your Christmas shopping needs. This minimises travel time and confusion which eases the stress of shopping.
  6. Transport: Always bear in mind how you’re going to get all the gifts home. If you’re travelling by public transport (read: bus or train) it might not be the wisest decision to get that foot long teddy bear or dumb bells for the hubby.
  7. Lastly, all the best and we wish you a very Happy Holidays!
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