A toddler’s first haircut

It’s a major milestone in every toddler’s life, and can either be smooth sailing or an absolute nightmare for parents. Our featured blogger, Mabel Lee, recounts the experience she had when she decided to play barber with her 23-month-old son’s head of hair, before finally deciding to “seek professional help”.

“But alas, what a terrible, terrible idea! His hair looked really good after trimming when wet, but the moment it dried… Let’s just say, now I know why some children end up with hairstyles that look like a bowl was placed on their head during a haircut. Only a mother with no hair styling or hair cutting experience and skill could cause something like this to happen.”

After my failed attempt in trimming his hair

You can read the rest of her story here: Blake’s First Haircut

For Mabel and Blake,though, this wasn’t so much a terrible experience as it was an endearing memory of parenthood, as it is for many of us who have gone through the experience. So whether you decide to try and cut your child’s hair on your own or bring him or her to a barber shop or hair salon for his very first trim, remember to bring your camera, because it will definitely be a moment to remember.

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