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Any parent knows that kids are full of energy all the time. Finding interesting activities for kids at home has been a life long search of the decades. Especially if you are trying to find educational activities that are also fun for you child. Children will get bored easily if the game or activity does not keep their attention. We all know that children do not have a very long attention span as it is. So finding fun educational activities for kids at home may not be as hard as you think.

We give you a list of the most fun activities for kids at home that families in Singapore can do together. Not just all fun and games, these activities are also educational and good for you kid’s learning!

Scavenger hunts are the greatest thing to occupy a child

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You can get everyone involved and make it a neighborhood activity. Scavenger hunts will allow you child to memorize where things could be. Using flash cards with pictures will also help them recognize objects they may not be familiar with. One of the best things they can learn is finishing things they started whether they win or not.

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