Activities on a rainy day

As a parent, the most dreaded words that one definitely does not want to hear are “I am bored” from your children, especially on a rainy day when you are stuck indoors and cannot go out, despite the myriad indoor game zones in Singapore.

Children can be quite a handful, especially when they are stuck at home without having anything to do, largely because they tend to lose interest in things as well as get bored very easily, thereby leading to difficult situations for parents. However, the next time you are stuck in a similar situation, you need not fear for the following ideas will help you keep busy with fun filled activities on a rainy day by using things that are readily available at home and just a little bit of imagination.

Games at Home

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If your children are the active sort and love bowling or baseball, then it is very easy to modify these games to suit indoor requirements. All you have to do is fill empty water and juice bottles with dried beans. The water bottles can be filled till about a quarter of its volume while the juice bottles can be filled till half. These bottles can then be used as nine pins and by using a soft ball, you can have your own indoor bowling alley, right in the precincts of your living room. If baseball is what you want, then use a soft baseball bat with a balloon as a ball and enjoy the fun of playing indoor baseball. However, make sure that you have a room in your home that’s large enough to play this game.









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