Are Disney princesses negatively influencing your daughter?

Besides being entertaining, Disney princesses can subtly create awareness among our young girls on certain issues. There are many good and bad points a viewer becomes aware off when watching these princesses’ characters. Some of these traits can be endearing and some not so much. There are even some traits that can be absolutely demeaning for the modern, young, and independent girl to observe. Here are some of the more positive influences a young girl can pick up on and negative ones to avoid.


  • Some Disney princesses portray characters that are able to remain true to their own ideals despite it being against the opinions and norms of the time. Staying independent in mind and thought, despite pressures from all quarters is something worth learning.
  • Even in the stories, being smart was something to be respected and this is clearly shown by almost all the Disney princesses. Intelligence, if correctly used can be a very charming and valuable asset to acquire.
  • An individual’s past or circumstances does not necessarily dictate the eventual future, and this is another aspect the Disney princesses are able to show. Learning to make the best of things while finding ways to improve the situation is something all young girls should learn.
  • Kindness is another character trait portrayed by these princesses even when their circumstances made it difficult to extend it. Making kindness a huge part of your character trait as a young girl will certainly attract a lot of good.
  • Beauty isn’t everything. All the Disney princesses seem to look great all the time. This is simply not possible in reality and understanding that looks alone, will not always get a young girl what she wants is important.
  • Some Disney princesses are portrayed to be weak and allow themselves to be bullied all the time. This is not a good behavior pattern to follow as young girls should learn to stand up for their rights.
  • There are many instances where “magically” the princesses seem to get what they are dreaming of. Simply waiting around for things to happen will not get a young girl everything her heart desired. Most times you have to make it happen for yourself.
  • A couple of Disney princesses had to put up with real boorish characters, but their patience paid of when these characters turned into handsome princes. A dangerous allowance to make, especially if there is any level of mental or physical abuse.

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