At what age should your child be speaking?

This is an age-old question pondered by both parents and pediatricians world-wide. And is still a mystery. Children age in many different stages and no two children are alike. Even if the children are from the same parents, does not mean that the second child will develop as the first one did. Children have their own way of coming into themselves when they are good and ready, not on some pediatricians ideal schedule. So when is it feasible to start worrying?

Many children will start speaking audible words within their first year. Now, do not expect full sentences or anything, but at least one syllable words. Such as mama, dada or no no. Nothing big or dramatic but some type of two letter words. Now if they do not and your doctor has not already informed you of some type of developmental drawback, do not worry. Kids have their own speed and it is never the same. Some days they may be going ninety to nothing and then some days you will have to drag them around just to get them to move. That is normal for small children. They never do what you want them to when you want them too, but always when you do not.

As a general rule, unless there are already known problems, if your child is not speaking  words by 24 months, you may want to speak with your pediatrician about ways to stimulate vocabulary. There are all kinds of different techniques out there to try and help your child along. Simple inexpensive ways to do things are normally the best. Games and sing a longs that you and your child can do are really helpful. You are your child’s best teacher, they will follow what you do.

Many pediatrician’s will recommend talking to your child in a normal way is very beneficial to their development. They need to hear how words are supposed to sound, not how the baby talk sounds. This will help them to develop and recognize sounds to put words together. Reading beginner child books are a great way to not only help with sounding words, but also putting a picture with the word. A large population of today’s children are learning to sight-read. This is good but they still need to be able to sound out words to read.

Nobody knows your child better than you do. So despite what anyone else may say, trust your own instinct. If you think that your child should be speaking by now and you have done everything you could think of to do but still think that something may be wrong, then ask your pediatrician. It is better to be safe than sorry. Because even though everything seems fine, you do not want to wait till it is too late. There is no such thing as a dumb question. You may be surprised by what your pediatrician may tell you. And then again when they do start speaking you may just be ready for them to stop.

Tina Hanna has been married to her husband, William, for almost 27 years. They have 7 gorgeous children together and 5 grandchildren. With 4 small children still at home she strives to bring fresh ideas and a bright perspective to many of her articles. Her writing has developed over the past 8 years to include many published writings on children and family. In these hard economic times she has focused many writings on how to maintain your family times without breaking your pocket.  Tina’s children come first and foremost in her life which leads her writings to show a more personal touch, because writing from personal experience makes the articles shine with personality.

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