7 awesome ways to celebrate the end of PSLEs

The PSLEs are over and fittingly it coincides with Children’s Day. Here are some suggestions to reward your child for all the hard work he or she has put in over the year.

After months of grueling revision and constant supervision, it is finally time for your twelve and thirteen year olds to put aside those books and breathe a sigh of relief. What better way to celebrate the end of PSLEs then these?

Hit the outdoor water playgrounds
Take your kids to these interactive playgrounds dotted all over the island. Try to go on a weekday afternoon where there are less people. It would be such a treat for your child as he can let loose and literally run free after being cooped up studying.

As most of these play areas are reserved for kids up to 12, you should make full use of its facilities since technically, it’s the last year your kids will be able to play in it.

Have an urban picnic
Pack a picnic basket with your child’s favourite goodies and head to Gardens by the Bay for an urban picnic. Set amidst greenery and themed gardens, you can enjoy natures beauty in the heart of the city.

Sail the high seas
Charter a yacht for the day and embark on an adventure with your kids. Sail to the southern islands of Singapore where you can hit up St John’s Island, Kusu Island and even Sister’s Island, where the beaches are more pristine and the crowds nonexistent.

Best part is, your child will be getting a social studies lesson, but he won’t be complaining!

Have a staycation

Take a vacation with the family without leaving the country. You can book a hotel right here in Singapore, most have special ‘staycation’ rates just for locals. This would be a good break for all members of the family who have been involved with PSLE prep. You can go swimming with the kids, hit the gym, take in a movie and order room service without worrying about household chores. (just for the weekend)

Hit a buffet or two
Food is definitely one of Singaporean’s favourite past time so it’s apt that this milestone is celebrated with food, or in the case of buffets, lots of food. The possibilities are endless as most restaurants and hotels offer buffet four times a day; breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. You can even take your child for specialized ones such as a chocolate or ice cream buffet.

Let your child set his own curfew for the week
This could prove to be really fun for your child. On one level, you are giving them more freedom and on another level, you are indirectly saying ‘I am allowing you to be in more control of your time.’ This could be really beneficial as it could teach your child more about responsibility and even time management and all this under the guise of rewarding them with a later bedtime etc.

Have a very special Children’s Day!
It’s Children’s Day and there are a myriad of activities and promotions on offer all over the island to celebrate the joys of being a child. Make use of this opportunity and take your kids to the special shows and fairs that are happening from today till Sunday.

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