Back to Boyhood this Father’s Day

While mums desire a bit of pampering on their special day, we have a feeling dads want something a little different on Father’s Day. Speak to the little boy in him that screams for thrill, action and adventure while taking care of dad’s more grown-up indulgences. Ahead – the ways to reward your real-life superhero.

Father's Day

Family Day Out Carnival

There are few things in life that can spread a bigger smile over a parent’s face then having a good time with the family. Fulfill dad’s simple pleasures while having a blast at the Family’s Day Out Carnival. There will be rock climbing, water activities and games galore!

Combat Skirmish

Let dad be the man of the moment and live out his action-hero fantasies in an adrenaline-fueled game of laser tag. He’s bound to show off a little but this is his day to shine!


Something about cars and speed drive men crazy and Dad is no exception. Let him have his turn on the race track and see if he’ll ever want to leave.

Father's Day Brunch

Father’s Day Brunch & Beer

Reward daddy dearest with a tantalizing brunch buffet. Have him chow down upon hearty dishes that sound right up a guy’s alley such as the Roasted Cowboy Steak with Tennessee Jack Daniels and barbecue sauces as well as the cleverly-named “Edible Cigars”.

The Rock Carnival

Daddy’s got ya – go on a parent-child climb that will have you in daddy’s safe hands all the way or race him to the top if you both love a little friendly competition. Tread carefully though, egos will be bruised.

BBQ and movie buffet

BBQ and movie buffet

Pamper dad with a mouth-watering BBQ buffet dinner and bring the family along for a back-to-back outdoor screening of RIO and The Avengers.  It’s a feel-good fest of movies, barbecue and the best company he’s gonna get.


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