Beach friendly activities

The school holidays are finally here. Make use of this time to spend the lazy days out with your family soaking in the breeze at the many beaches of Singapore.


Play a game or two
Ultimate frisbee, rounders or even the simple game of catch is great to bond with the kids and a way to get some physical exercise as well! So bring the frisbee, soccer ball or even some plain paper (to craft paper planes) and enjoy the wide open spaces and breeze, perfect weather to run around in.

Sandcastles in the sun
Give those castles in the air some shape by building some sand sculptures on the beach with the kids. This can be really fun especially if the whole family gets involved. Delegate certain sections of your sand structure to different members of the family and see them have fun with it!

Bury me!
This is something you don’t see too often in the beaches here, but it’s a great activity to do on the beach. Have someone volunteer to be buried in the sand (volunteer yourself if you have to) and see how excited the little ones get to be involved in digging a hole and burying daddy or mommy in the sand!


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