Best board game cafes in Singapore

Introduce your kids to the colourful and eye-opening world of board games at these cafes and you will find both you and your child discovering that there is more to boardgames than Monopoly.

board game cafes in Singapore

Settler’s Cafe

Settler’s Cafe

Priding itself as Singapore’s first Boardgame Cafe, Settler’s offers a wide selection of boardgames to play while you sip on coffee or have a bite to eat.

Thy have games that kids and adults can play and enjoy. Some of these include classic Hungry Hungry Hippos (I remember playing this in my childhood and enjoying it very much when I played i again at the cafe just last month) as well as strategic games such as Saboteur.

kid-friendly cafes in Singapore

The Mind Cafe

The Mind Cafe

With local outlets and one in India, you could say The Mind Cafe has truly arrived in the board-game cafe scene.

Their extensive board-game selection also puts them in a different class as they bring in new games monthly. The staff are very helpful and are keen to recommend and teach games which are not your common RISK and Monopoly.

board game cafes in Singapore

Hungry Hippo, a popular game among kids

Pitstop Cafe

The place was  more suitable for the youth with the great deals they had for students. Pitstop Cafe described itself as a fun and cosy place for friends to meet and play interesting board games together and at the same time enjoy great food, desserts and coffee.

Unfortunately the fun-spirited board game cafe had to cease operation in 2012. The colourful, cosy cafe was situated at Curcular road and offered Western food.


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