Best Disney and Pixar movies

When creative talents in the movie industry team up, we the public get to enjoy some phenomenally great movies. This is evident in the various collaborative works between Pixar Animation Studios and Disney. These teams working together have managed to produce some wonderful animations such as the Toy Story Trilogy, Finding Nemo, Bugs Life and many more. Disney and Pixar movies have been designed to appeal to an audience of different ages, thus making it a winning choice for both you and your child. The following are just a few of the up and coming movies that are to be featured.



  • Monsters University – the prequel to Monsters Inc. is scheduled to be released in June this year. Featuring the voices of people like John Goodman and Billy Crystal this movie certainly promises to be a barrel of laughs while still ensuring the educational message is brought across to audiences young and old. Your kids will enjoy the antics of the “fluffy and goofy” looking characters. There are also several ranges of these stuffed toy characters on sale for the appreciative audience who may desire to have mementos of the show.
  • Frozen – this movie is scheduled to be released in November of this year. It is an adaption from the Hans Christian Anderson collection of fairytales. The story is based on the antics of the Snow Queen. Among the notable cast chosen for this movie is Kristen Bell who helps bring a pretty voice to the movie. This computer animated movie depicts the heroin Anna’s adventure through an icy landscape ravaged by an eternal winter.
  • Magic Kingdom– this movie is based on the Kingdom Keepers range of books. It will be similar in style to the Night at the Museum film; only in this film the Disney theme park comes alive at night.
  • Oz: The Great and Powerful – this favourite seems to live forever as a fantasy adventure. Featuring notables such as Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis, it promises to be entertaining and intriguing all at once. A semi-talented carnival performer is spun in time into a new kingdom where he is confronted by three witches who test his problem solving skills.
  • Phineas & Ferb Movie – this movie is based on a popular TV series and kids simply love the antics of the characters, one of this is a pet platypus. Fun filled and action packed, this movie is a barrel of laughs.

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