Best-rated Chinese enrichment centres in Singapore

Worried that your little one can’t quite seem to grasp his mother tongue? Wondering where to sign your child up to do better for the next PSLE Chinese paper? Kidlander conducted a poll to determine which are the best Chinese enrichment centres—and now we share with you which ones are highly recommended by parents!

From pre-school to secondary, these are the best-rated Chinese enrichment centres we have for you. The passion for language learning starts young!

Tien Hsia Language School

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Many parents also picked Tien Hsia Language School as one of the best Chinese enrichment centres. Tien Hsia’s (Modular) Enrichment Programme focuses on speaking, reading and listening with a greater emphasis in word recognition. Children learns through songs, rhymes, verse and choral reading as instructional materials with regular oral practice through discussion and picture descriptions. Class participation is encouraged through quizzes, discussions, and interaction in small group learning. They hold mock examination and extra lessons for examination preparation. Tien Hsia Language School has 10 branches around Singapore.




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