Best sports for kids in Singapore

Despite living in the age of technology, encourage your child to go out and play instead of just sitting around while using the computer or his other gadgets. Being active is what young kids should be doing. They should play in playgrounds, parks and even in the streets of a safe neighborhood (with adult supervision, of course). By being constantly in motion through sports, the children will be less lethargic, possess improved motor skills and be more outgoing.

Aside from just playing games in order to be active, getting engaged in sports is also recommended for children. Sports, especially those played in teams, could help your child be more obedient, disciplined and cooperative. He would then appreciate the value of teamwork and trust among others. Here are 10 best sports your kids should be doing at an early age:


Gymnastics is one of the best sports that any parent can enroll their children in as early as 1 year or younger. Gymnastics isn’t just about being able to do splits, tumbles and more but it also about improving the child’s coordination, balance and other motor skills that are important for total body development. Try out the gymnastic classes and fitness programmes at GIM Sports.


Children, as young as 3 years old, can already start to learn the basics of swimming. Overcoming their fear of water or embracing their love of it is important since swimming is a very important survival skill that every individual must learn. Additionally, swimming tones the body and improves the cardiovascular fitness and endurance of the child. Head over to the Jurong East Swimming Complex for a fun splash-around while parents teach their children swim basics!


Parents who are worried about their kids playing a contact sport should encourage their children to play tennis instead. With tennis, the child can play with another individual without being physically near them. Tennis is fun game that improves fitness and mental abilities of the child. Start your kids early at the Advantage School of Tennis!


Golf may not be such a popular choice among young children but it is definitely a sport that’s worth looking into. Relaxing and calming, golf effectively improves the mental strength and patience of the child. It also develops the hand and eye coordination of the child. Groom your child into a confident golfer at KinderGolf.


Most children don’t have the attention span to understand and follow strict rules. They only want to play and do their own thing freely. Dancing is one sport that could encourage your child to move his body without being constricted to strict rules. They can copy the dance steps or create some new moves that they can share. Dancing is a lot of fun that your child would not mind sweating for an hour during classes. Let your kids learn how to let their bodies do the talking at Jitterbugs Swingapore!


Is your child overly active? Let him engage in running – be it individual or team relay. With running, he can go at his own pace and even faster if he wants to. Do make sure that your child dons the appropriate footwear and apparel. If you don’t want to hire a running coach, make sure that you educate your child about the proper warm-up and stretching routines to make sure that he stays in top shape for running and avoids injuries. Take your kids to MacRitchie Reservoir Park for a relaxing run by the water’s edge.


Soccer is a great sport for young kids to get involved with because the basics aren’t that hard. As a beginner, your child would be asked to practice kicking the ball to and fro alone or with a partner. As he gets better in ball handling and has improved his endurance, he can then pace the soccer field to master more moves together with his teammates. ESPZEN Soccer School is a great starting ground for beginners keen to develop their soccer skills.


If your son wants to become the next Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, let him start on his dream by enrolling him in basketball workshops. These classes are great for improving coordination and motor skills as well as the value of teamwork. Because basketball requires a lot of running and jumping, your son’s endurance and stamina will improve as well. Shaw’s Little League offers basketball classes for the littlies!

Martial Arts

In order to defend themselves from bullies, more and more children are taking up martial arts including taekwondo, karate and aikido. But aside from learning different defensive moves, these martial arts classes help teach discipline to your children as well. Martial arts are perfect for growing, hyperactive children as they can easily release their tensions through kicks and punches. Unsure which martial art is more suitable for your kid? Why not take up Aikido – the art of peace and defense – at the Mumei Shudan Aikido Dojo!

Table Tennis

Played indoors any time of the year, table tennis is great for young children who want to sweat it out without being exposed to direct sunlight or the cold weather. This sport sharpens reflexes and improves balance. Table tennis is especially recommended for introverted children because they get to meet and play with new friends. Get a feel of the sport at Happy Table Tennis!

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