Bringing your kid to the IT Show

The SITEX IT Show is back at Singapore Expo, here’s our guide to survive and get the best deals even with child in tow.

You’re all set to tackle the crowds during the IT show this weekend, but there’s no one to look after your little toddler at home. You’re in a position of whether you should forgo checking out the sweet deals at the show or bringing your toddler and facing the challenges of meandering the crowd with cranky toddler squirming in your arms.

Don’t fret, we give you a guide on bringing your kid to the IT Show and how to minimise worry for both you and your child.

Take public transport…if you can
Trust me, this is the better option as judging from previous IT shows, the parking lot fills up fast and you will probably spend a good 45 minutes turning into the carpark and finding a lot.

There is a straight MRT train that takes you to Singapore EXPO as well as several buses and this would be the ideal way to get to the show. If you end up buying lots of stuff at the show or bulky items such as TVs or printers, you can always take a cab back thus minimising any stress of inching you way out of the carpark crowd.

Bring a water bottle or two
Yes, it’s in an air-conditioned hall but there are going to be lots of people, so keep both you and your child hydrated by carrying bottles of water around with you.

Safety first
We know these shows can get extremely crowded during the weekends so to prepare for the unlikely event that your child gets separated from you, go through with him or her all the basic information like your handphone number, your full name as well as stick this information at the bottom of his or her shoe or around their wrist.

Carrying baby
If you going to be toting a baby, I suggest leaving the stroller at home and just strapping your baby in a baby carrier. This frees up your hand for browsing and shopping and also keeps your baby close. As an added bonus, I know from experience that the baby carrier is an instant sleep inducer!

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