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The cartoon shows many of us grew up watching had a lot of good values attached to its theme. I have often lamented about the cartoons my kids used to watch as I noted the level of sheer violence the entire “cartoon” was designed around. Although some of the cartoon shows in my day, had an element of violence, this violence was always shown in a funny and light-hearted way (not that violence is “fun”). Today however a lot of cartoons don’t have cute and quirky characters and there is actual blood shown in scenes that encourage random displays of violence. Very few cartoon shows today are able to draw unbridled laughter and instead most create rapt attention that can be a little disturbing. The following are some of the old favourites that entertained us as kids and would be really wholesome for our kids to watch:

  • Care bears – these cute little bears were cuddly and funny. The real emotions and good values the cartoon was based on always tried to teach the kids something positive while still remaining endearingly entertaining.
  • Duck Tales – this cartoon show is centred on an old grumpy rich duck and its three little nephews. The antics these little ones got into were entertaining, as their adventures took them to different “worlds.” Here too there was always a lesson to be taught and learnt.
  • Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers – chipmunk cartoon shows are always entertaining and this one always showed how the characters get themselves in and out of trouble using innovative measures instead of violence. Lots of “on the edge of the seat” moments but everything usually ended well, mainly due to the way the characters worked together to get out of trouble.
  • Thundercats – this cartoon show had a slightly more serious side to it. The characters looked different from the usual cartoon styles, but the message was the same – work for the good of all. This cartoon showed the wisdom and skills of each character and how working together benefitted.
  • Inspector Gadget – this took its audience into a James Bond style era. With all the funny gadgets and the sometimes silly actions of the main character, kids were trilled to be taken on the journey and in some cases, picked up a thing or two about being resourceful and innovative.
  • Smurfs – these little pale purple cute characters, took the world by storm. Every little kid wanted a smurf toy and many adults has some form of this toy in their possession, ranging from key chains to coffee mugs. Working together to get away of the menacing giant, these little creatures were entertaining indeed.
  • Winnie the Pooh – another endearing cartoon show, although by today standards – a fat bear is not something you want to encourage your child to emulate. However this cartoon showed a fun loving and simple group of friends together, learning from each other and looking out for each other.
  • Tom and Jerry – this was probably among the few that actually depicted a lot of violence. A cunning baddie played by the cat and a mischievous mouse always seemed to get on each other’s nerves.

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