Child-friendly shopping malls along Orchard Road

Shopping is a shared passion among the locals in this country. As parents though, a simple shopping trip can lead to endless hissy fits and toddler tantrums.

With the constant sprouting of new shopping malls and the revamping of old ones, it is important to know where to go, especially with kids in tow.

Here are the best child friendly shopping malls in Orchard Road, so the next time your child decides to throw the ultimate public meltdown during one of your retail romps, you know where to scurry off to!

So mummies (and daddies), grab your bags and do your part for the economy. We are going shopping!



Kids will love: Aside from having a Toys “R” Us, the upmarket mall offers a relatively new indoor playground for kids. The spacious and interactive area at Level 5 will provide endless hours of fun for the kiddies as they climb through tunnels and go down slides of varying sizes.

If it gets a little crowded, you can treat your child to ride on one of the many coin operated kiddie rides available on the same level. There’s even a mini carousel machine!


313 Somerset

Kids will love: Located just outside Food Republic on Level 5, sits a small sheltered outdoor play area that is perfect for kids 2-12 years old. It’s well hidden so keep a lookout for Toast Box — its right behind it!

Parents will also love the changing rooms at 313 Somerset. It’s spacious and even comes equipped with a hot water dispenser and a microwave.


Forum the shopping mall

When it comes to changing kids’ diapers, you can feel at ease at this family-oriented mall. It’s normally quiet and it’s the perfect spot to nurse the young ones.
Aside from over 70 specialty stores catering to the needs of families with young children, kids exhibitions and performances are regularly held in the open area of the basement.

Kids will love: The mall also has a kids club house, “Hip Kids Club”. At $15 for a 1-year membership (it’s a steal!), you can drop your kiddies off here whilst you enjoy a hot cuppa.


Plaza Singapura

In a bid to attract more families, Plaza Singapura has revamped itself into an extremely family-friendly mall.

Aside from nursing rooms and offering baby strollers that can be loaned for free, it provides family parking lots which are bigger and strategically located near the car park lifts.

Kids will love: The Family Lounge, now at level four comes equipped with toys, board games, cable television and even an Xbox.

However, shoppers need to spend $50 to gain access to the lounge. It’s a perfect spot to park the kids (and husbands) after grocery shopping whilst the wives carry on with their retail therapy.


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