Child minding services in Singapore

As parents, we feel a sense of guilt when we head out and leave our kids at home with the babysitter. Some parents even experience separation anxiety. However, a few hours apart from your kids once in a while may be just what the doctor ordered.

For the sake of your sanity, arrange a night out with your friends or go on a date with your better half but before you go on your merry way to reclaim your social life, there’s the impending question of, “Where do I get the best babysitter?”

Here’s where we come in! We know how daunting it is to leave the kids with someone outside the family so we went undercover to spot the best child minding services in Singapore.

A-TEAM Amahs & Cleaners

Rated “best value” by a local publication, you know you are getting quality nanny services at reasonable rates. The nannies are mostly middle-aged Singaporean women/PRs who are experienced, honest and hardworking.

The agency is very selective when it comes to hiring and carefully screens all future employees.

Contact: North, East, Central (+65) 6846 9245 / 6846 9205 South, West, Central (+65) 6846 0428 / 6846 9247

KiZroo & MaMaroo

This agency provides experienced babysitters who are trained by their very own midwives. The midwives carefully hand-pick the babysitters during their babysitter course.

Their babysitters are a mix of Singaporean and native Japanese ladies with more than 3 years of experience and are mothers themselves.

Contact: (+65) 6736 1636


DomesticONE provides parents with an extra hand and kids will find a good companion in the babysitter. Parents who have had used their services express that they feel at ease when they leave their children with the babysitter and the kids simply love them.

They even provide ad-hoc babysitting services if you feel like you will only need their services once in a while.

Contact: (+65) 6100 2388

Babysitters Singapore

At babysitters Singapore, you get to choose if you prefer the babysitting to be done at the babysitter’s home or your home.

Either way, this agency understands the time limitation that parents have and take special efforts to ensure that the babysitters they have put forward match your specific requirements.

If you decide to choose the cheaper option, babysitting at the babysitter’s home, you can interview the potential babysitter and visit them to check out the environment.

Contact: (+65) 9487 5408


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