Chilling out at Snow City Singapore

It is not often that Singaporeans get to escape the sweltering humidity of our overly sunny island but one of the few places which offer us a refuge from the suffocating heat of our weather is Snow City Singapore. I was fortunate enough to be invited to visit the popular attraction together with a group of my close companions. Here is my review of the place.

Review of Snow City

Conveniently located within walking distance from Jurong East MRT station, I was greeted with top-notch service from the Snow City staff upon arrival. Friendly and extremely helpful, the service provided by the Snow City team was impeccable. There was not a single complaint that we could make regarding the service provided and the Snow City staff definitely deserve to be applauded for their commendable efforts. Due to the freezing temperatures of the snow chambers, long pants, gloves and socks were a necessity and the experienced service team helped us change into our winter gear. Our personal possessions such as our wallets and phones were then deposited into the lockers for safekeeping and we were then led towards the entrance of the snow chamber.

New attraction: Ice Gallery

We were ushered into the first section of the snow chamber which was also the newest addition to Snow City Singapore, namely the Dino World ice gallery. Opened very recently last year on the 1st of November, the Dino World ice gallery is the first ever ice gallery to open in Singapore. Featuring 25 different dinosaurs beautifully sculpted from ice, the exquisite sculptures are a local production. Designed by Singapore’s very own award winning national sculpting team, our local sculptors certainly lived up to their reputation. From the terrifying looking Tyrannosaurus rex to the flying pterodactyls, every sculpture was beautifully designed showcasing the expert craftsmanship of the talented sculptors. The sculptures are also very well maintained which can probably be attributed to the fact that the area is set to minus12 degrees Celsius and a sculptor comes in regularly to ensure that the sculptures are kept at their peak condition.

Winter wonderland

After we were done gushing over the magnificent ice gallery, we were led to the main section of the snow chamber. The epitome of a winter wonderland, it was hard to believe that we were still in Singapore and did not get magically transported to some fantasy land only found in Christmas movies. The frozen landscape was extremely picturesque, adorned with igloos, giant candy canes and cute looking miniature houses. There were also numerous giant Christmas trees and humongous snowmen which towered over us and when snow started falling on our heads, Snow City definitely delivered on its promise of creating a winter wonderland. The feature which however, caught our eye the most was the giant snow slope. Measuring 60-metres-long and almost 3 storeys high, the giant snow slope was obviously designed to be the main attraction of Snow City. We were provided with inflatable snow tubes and thankfully visitors are allowed to slide down the giant slide an unlimited number of times and in a variety of ways. In fact, I had so much fun playing on the slide I lost count of the number of times I went down the slope. Thrill seekers are advised to go down the slope in a group together if they want a more adrenaline inducing experience.

Ideal family destination

In retrospect, Snow City Singapore provides a fun experience suitable for the entire family. If you want an enjoyable respite from the stress of daily life and the humidity of Singapore’s weather, then Snow City is the place to be. Regardless of your age, it is difficult not to be awed by the beautifully sculpted ice gallery and the magnificently decorated snow chamber. The giant snow slide provides a thrilling experience suitable for anyone of any age. The frozen landscape also provides an ideal setting for a snow fight if adults wish to unleash their inner kid. Although cameras are not allowed, there will be professional photographers available should you wish to capture some beautiful memories amongst the picturesque settings.

Highly suitable for children, children will no doubt be entertained by the many available activities to do there boredom will definitely not be an issue even if your child has a short attention span. Apart from the giant slide, there is also a children’s playground as well as another slide located in the ice gallery to keep the little ones engaged.

In conclusion, Snow City Singapore is definitely an ideal destination for a fun filled family outing.

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Opening Hours

Daily     10am-6pm (Last admission at 5pm)

School & Public Holiday  10am-7pm (Last admission at 6pm)

Admission Charges

2 Hours Snowplay Time

Adult (12 years and above) $28 per pax
Child (3 to 11years) $23 per pax
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