Chinese New Year myths

Although most kids do not really know or worry about taboos and myths, there is sometimes a need to educate them on this topic. This will help to ensure their actions do not bring bad luck or any other negativity to the family. Taking the time to sit your child down and explain the importance of Chinese New Year myths and the consequences of disregarding them, is well worth the effort. Intrigued and entranced, your child will certainly take more care and be more respectful of such myths.

  • The myth goes that that crying children during the festive season brings bad luck to the family. Getting your child to understand this and cooperate accordingly, will certainly help keep you and your child in the good books of your old folks.
  • Teach your child not to stick his/her chopsticks in a rice bowl during any of the festive meals. This is frowned upon, as, besides being rude, it is also feared to bring bad luck. Some belief, chopsticks stuck in rice closely symbolises incense stuck in urns in temples.
  • Chicken feet, are not an ideal food choice for your child during this festive season. The myth that your child will be prone to getting into lots of fights may seem ridiculous, but why risk it, so keep your little darling away from chicken feet dishes at least for this season.
  • Inform your kids not to wrap gifts in white, as this represents sorrow and poverty. Little children are usually excited to give secret gifts to grandparents and loved ones and the last thing you need is an oldie having a heart attack because the gift was wrapped in white.
  • If your child happens to give a gift that is considered “unlucky” and receives a coin in return, explain that this is a symbolic way of offsetting any bad vibes. Returning the gift will only upset the giver, and this method is designed to make everyone happy.


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  • Some kids love to share horror stories and while this is alright at other times, you should teach your child not to do this during Chinese New Year.
  • Breaking things during Chinese New Year should be carefully avoided and besides getting your child to be more attentive and careful, it will also help you to prolong the lifespan of your precious belongings. Explain to your child, breaking things during this festive period is supposed to create constant possibilities of things breaking throughout the coming year.
  • If you have a happy little helper, explaining the need to refrain from sweeping on the first day of New Year would be a good idea, as you don’t want your busy little darling to sweep away all the good luck.
  • One popular way of getting kids to finished their meals during this season, is telling them about the wrath of the Thunder God should they not do so.
  • Bedrooms should be out-of-bounce during this season for playing with friends. As it is deemed unlucky, and explaining this to your child beforehand will certainly avoid you having to “shoo” everyone out of the bedroom.

There we have a comprehensive list of Chinese New Year myths the family should avoid!

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