Cold Storage Kids Run Facebook Contest Winners


Did you take part in the Cold Storage Kids Run Facebook Contest?

Find out if you’ve won, right here! Readers who did not win can get 10% off any category!
Please check your personal email and revert back to us with confirmation of your IC number.

Also, please note that registration for the Cold Storage Kids Run ends on 10th April at midnight.

If you have not won this time round, please show your support by taking part in this year’s Cold Storage Kids Run.

Exclusive to Kidlander readers is 10% off any category when they use the promotional code, KR14-TM.

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15 winners of 1 Free Entry into any category in Sprint

1. Amanda Goh

2. Hwee Tong

3. Cassandra Lee

4. Robert Sim

5. Rina Lim

6. Jovin Ye

7. Chai Yeng Tee

8. Priscilla Foong

9. Tan Yee

10. TP Lai

11. Justina Ong

12. Zuan Yang Wen

13. Marcus Tan

14. Pauline Chew

15. Neo Aik Hoon

15 winners of 1 Free Entry into any category in Family Fun

1. Aaron AC

2. Charlene Mak

3. Kim Ye

4. Carol Lim Mei Mei

5. Lily Thong

6. Goh Lyn

7. Jaime Chan

8. Ng lay Kuen

9. Tomo Low

10. Karen Ang

11. Dave Teo

12. Annie Loh

13. Liang Sheng Andrew

14. Yuen Joo

15. Mei Hwei

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