Communicating with your child: Emphasis on arts

Parents these days may find it tough to maintain good connection with their kids or hard to motivate their learning. “How do we get our kids to express themselves properly and reach to us or what motivates my child”? The answer lies on the earth, Arts of the Earth Learning Hub that is.

In a small cosy child friendly studio in Bukit Timah, Arts of the Earth gives children an opportunity to explore and communicate through the visual art. The programs are specially designed to individually guide each child. The programmes are designed by the founder, Esther Joosa. Not only does she design programmes she also provides teacher and parent training and creative coaching.


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Arts of the Earth gives children an opportunity to explore and communicate through the visual art.

Who is it for?

The arts are for everyone! Arts of the Earth welcomes kids aged from 4 years to adults! Particularly those children who need a little more attention, such as more self-esteem, children who are bullied, or who cannot express themselves fluently, children who do not fit in the regular education system, such as gifted children, children with attention problems, children with cognitive disabilities such as Down syndrome, and children who are home-schooled because the regular curriculum is too limiting.

Emphasis on arts – why art and what is so special of the programs?

The visual arts add new dimensions to learning and communication. In art, just as in play, children become a head taller than they are, they are able to make decisions, take on roles and inform others who they are and what they want. The arts offer experiences for children to learn to express themselves through new materials and give voice to their individual experiences and their future needs. At their own pace, children explore a wide range of materials and what is relevant in this visual age, to communicate their stories with the help of technology such as I-pad.


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The arts offer experiences for children to learn to express themselves.


What inspired you to come up with an arts centre for kids?

One of my sons developed a severe speech delay, which made me realize the immense value of communication. In my journey to help him, I noticed the little focus in education on the individual potential of the child and the role of creativity. This inspired me to open a foundation arts education learning centre that caters for all children and to develop programs based on individual observation.

Any advice to parents with special kids?

See your child as a child first. Not everything your child does is because of his or her special need. Listening and looking at what your child can do, rather than what your child cannot do opens new possibilities. Look at the world through the eyes of your child. Having a child with special needs stretches your abilities as a parent, but it opens up a new world, in which you find the hidden treasures and richness of parenthood.


A little more about the founder…

Esther Joosa, a mother of three, is a PhD candidate. She focusses on language and literacy education and was previously a full time lecturer with National Institute of Education (NIE). Currently she is an associate lecturer with various institutes. She has worked in the region with diverse populations. She has volunteered in group such as Singapore International foundation and University of Women Association of Singapore.

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