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When the weather is poor and you’re stuck indoors with a clan of kids who need entertaining fast, it is all too convenient to turn on the TV and let them escape into a cartoon. But, what if there was an alternative which could occupy your bright young stars and teach them a thing-or-too without them even realising. Educational games for kids sounds too good to be true, right? Read our tips on activities and games that will entertain, educate and work on skills to lead a happy and healthy life.

Board Games

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Board games have a very clever name! They are great to relieve boredom in a fun way whilst stimulating little minds too! Educational board games which require tactical thinking, planning and a little compeittive edge will help to strengthen your child’s mental capacity. Board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Snakes & Ladders or Cluedo have stood the test of time and are considered a cheap and convenient way to for the entire family to play together. Or, try out some of the new games on the block like Eclipse. What is your favorite board game to play with the kids?

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