Endless Ways to learn and PLAY this June!

Storytelling Comes Alive! with Playmobil

Stories, Musicals and Adventures!
Sentosa is brimming with activities for kids in the month of June. Sit in open-mouthed wonder as master storytellers regale you with tales that will both entertain and astound. Well-loved tales like Hansel and Gretel get a modern refresher while stories like Andy and the Magic Compass take you to faraway lands in search of fresh adventure. Get drawn into the illusion as Nick Shen demonstrates the art of face changing and help the puppet master along in his quest. Learn how to strum strings of happy notes on the ukulele and groove along to the spectacular dance choreography by Tanglin Arts Studio…every moment is simply bursting with colour and excitement! Pencil in your favorite show times or simply catch different ones each week in June if you don’t want to miss a piece of the action.

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11:30am 1-for-1 Little Hands & Minds Hansel
& Gretel
Puppet Master Musical The Dragon Prince Puppet Master Musical Andy and the Magic Compass Puppet Master Musical
2:00pm Ukulele Workshop
by Ukulele Movement
Michelle and her Ukulele Dance
by SatriaLala
3:00pm The Dragon Prince Storytime with Rosemarie Somaiah
(5th & 12th)
Andy and the Magic Compass Storytime with Rosemarie Somaiah
(7th & 14th)
& Gretel
Dance Musical
by Tanglin Arts Studio
‘Tok Tok Chiang’
by Nick Shen
(19th & 26th)
‘Tok Tok Chiang’
by Nick Shen
(21st & 28th )
5:30pm Hansel
& Gretel
Puppet Master Musical The Dragon Prince Puppet Master Musical Andy and the Magic Compass Puppet Master Musical


Story time

Storytelling Comes Alive Storytelling Comes Alive 346

What: Story time
When: Every Tue, Thu & Sat
Time: 11.30am, 3pm & 5.30pm

Story Synopsis: Hansel and Gretel

While lost in the forest, Hansel and Gretel find an amazing cottage covered with Playmobil figurines! But the cottage is occupied by an Ogre who captures them and treats brother and sister like all his other toys… Can Hansel and Gretel find a way to escape from the Ogre?

Story Synopsis: The Dragon Prince

In the kingdom of Siloso, there lived two Princes – one good, one evil, and a Princess who was beautiful, brave but selfish. One day, the evil Prince cast a spell on his brother and turned him into a dragon. Can the curse ever be lifted?

Story Synopsis: Andy and the Magic Compass

Follow Andy as his magic compass takes him to faraway places and adventures beyond his wildest imagination. This action-packed story serves up more than your fair share of nail-biting thrills and spills at every twist and turn!

The Puppet Master Musical

Puppet Master Musical

What: The Puppet Master Musical
When: Every Wed, Fri & Sun
Time: 11.30am & 5.30pm

Come watch the musical with a special Playmobil theme! Join the 2.2m tall puppet master and his assistant in helping the ailing puppet fairy search for her lost sparkle and bring her back to her lively self!

Tok Tok Chiang by Nick Shen

Nick Shen

What: Tok Tok Chiang by Nick Shen
When: 19, 21, 26 & 28 Jun (Wed & Fri)
Time: 3pm

Let celebrity Nick Shen fascinate you with his unusual talent of ‘face-changing’, more commonly known as ‘Bian Lian’ in Chinese.

Ukulele Workshop & Dance Performance


What: Ukulele Workshop & Dance Performance
When: Every Thu, Fri & Sat
Time: 2pm

At the Ukulele Workshop, learn the basics of Ukulele in minutes, as you play and sing along to the melodious tunes. Be amazed as you watch the self-taught dancer fuse his every movement into the pulsating music!

Storytime with Rosemarie Somaiah

Rosemarie Somaiah

What: Storytime with Rosemarie Somaiah
When: 5, 7, 12 & 14 Jun (Wed & Fri)
Time: 3pm

Join Rosemarie – a veteran storyteller, teacher and writer at her interactive storytelling session.

Dance Musical by Tanglin Arts Studio

Dance Musical by Tanglin Arts Studio

What: Dance musical!
When: Every Sun
Time: 3pm

Let the talented students of Tanglin Art Studio tell you their stories in a refreshing manner; simply through the elegant movement of dance.

Find out more about Sentosa’s latest events and happenings at www.sentosa.com.

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