Esplanade presents: Flipside 2013

The holidays may still be some time away but do not pout, Esplanade Flipside is here and better than ever! Held from 17-26 May at the Esplanade, the festival hosts acts spanning mime, comedy, drama and music that are sure to deliver a killer comic punch.



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Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones at Esplanade Flipside 
Bunkpuppets (Canada)

18 May, Sat, 3pm & 8pm
19 May, Sun, 3pm

Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones is a silent shadow puppet comedy that does not discriminate, but offers laughs to all who get the chance to see it live. Follow puppeteer, Jeff Achtem, into his imagined dreamscape. Illustrated through a series of interweaving comic sketches that feature everything from Sneaky Ninjas to twisted medical procedures. Watch in amazement as Jeff executes his puppet mastery – turning everyday junk items into surreal characters that both enthrall and excite.

50 mins, no intermission


Piece of Cake at Esplanade Flipside 
The Kransky Sisters (Australia)
17 May, Fri, 7.30pm
18 May, Sat, 3pm & 7.30pm

Back from their succesful run at Flipside 2008, the Kransky Sisters comprising of Mourne, Eve and Dawn, will dish out spectacular music from the most surprising instruments! With ABBA, Cher, George Michael, Beyonce and ACDC among the distinguished songlist, a glorious cacophony is sure to erupt. Let the oddball sisters regale you with tales of their travels and lilting music!

1 hr 20 mins, no intermission


Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap: 3D at Esplanade Flipside 
How Drama (Singapore)
24-26 May, Fri – Sun

Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap promises a fresh take on current affairs. Delivered with tongue-in-cheek flair, the mini-marathon of 31 plays is a breath of invigorating air with a pinch of saltiness. Conceived by Jeremy Au Yong and Melissa Sim, the hard-shelled production incorporates cutting edge 3D visual elements and deals with raging topics like terrorism, blogging, gangnam style and even, erhem, ah lians. We told you it was intriguing.

1 hr, no intermission


Technodelic Visual Show at Esplanade Flipside 
SIRO-A (Japan)
25 May, Sat, 8pm
26 May, Sun, 3pm & 8pm

Think mime is boring? SIRO-A is about to change that thought. Touted as Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group, viewers can expect the same dynamism and showmanship that’s synonymous with the Blue Man Group. SIRO-A flawlessly melds modern technology with mime, mind-numbing optical illusions and movement without missing an (electro)beat. Come be amazed by the symphony of light, sound and movement that’s injected with a dose of eccentric Japanese humor.

1 hr, no intermission



Savings and Packages:

Early Bird Savings
15% savings with every purchase of 4 or more tickets to any Flipside show until 8th April 2013.
Not valid with other concessions and parent-child package

Esplanade Flipside Savings
10% savings with every purchase of 4 or more tickets to any Flipside show after 8th April 2013.
Not valid with other concessions and parent-child package

Parent-Child Pair (applicable to Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones or Technodelic Visual Show only)
$50 per pair of tickets to the same show. Admits 1 adult + 1 child aged 12 and below.

Concessions for Students, NSFs and seniors
20% savings to any Esplanade Flipside show.
Not valid with other concessions and parent-child package
* All primary, secondary school, junior colleges, centralised institutes and ITEs may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise up to 50% of the student ticket price for any of the performance.

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