Exploring Science in the Mall – are we zapping up too much energy?

Shaking Gorilla workshop

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Friendly facilitators give step-by-step instructions to making a Shaking Gorilla toy at the hands-on kids' workshops while explaining the science concepts involved.


The atmosphere at Parkway Parade mall is electric. The usually sleepy mall whirrs to life with the buzz of activity. A closer look reveals all… The latest installation of Science in the Mall, with the theme “X-ploring the World of Energy”, has made its way to Parkway Parade for a week of fun and discovery!

What is it about?

Science in the Mall is a bi-annual event bringing exhibits, science performances, demos and hands-on workshops to heartland shopping malls when the school holidays ring in. It engages families with kids in simple and fun-filled hands-on experiments and activities that effectively spark kids’ interests in science. Through this exercise, parents get an idea of how they can get their kids excited about the natural wonders of science! As we see, science is neither uninteresting nor is it all about books.

X-ploring the World of Energy  (16 – 24th March 2013)

This year’s event revolves around the theme of energy.  Kids were treated to a whole trail of exhibits and activities with the highlights being a life-sized swinging pendulum you can mount, a merry-go-round and a line of three hand crank dynamos, with shafts that can be wound up to light the connecting light sources of varying energy efficiencies – LED light strips, compact fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs.

Energy sustainability was also at the heart of the matter, with the event held in conjunction with Earth Hour on the 23rd of March 2013. The light-up installation gives clear illustration to the concept that more energy needs to be consumed to power up certain light sources. Kids and their accompanying muscle (parents) were seen working up a sweat generating enough electricity to light the incandescent lamps. It’s no wonder these energy-sappers have been phased out!

Click through the slideshow for a better look at what went down at each individual exhibit!

Watch this space for the next installment of Science in the Mall when it hits the heartlands for another ride on the tracks of scienti-rrific discovery!




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