Fashion tips for Chinese New Year

Dressing kids is always a challenge, because what looks good on a mannequin may not always translate well into reality, and worse still, your little darling is not going to sit still or pose on call, throughout the duration he/she has the outfit on. Making wise choices would depend on a number of factors and considering these will save you and junior a lot of heartbreak. Here are some fashion tips for Chinese New Year.

  • Dressing for comfort should always be a fashion priority when it comes to your little darlings. This is especially important to ensure, as if your child is not comfortable in the chosen outfit, grumpy outburst and tantrums, will eventually follow the initial excitement of putting on a new outfit. There is also the possibility of your child pulling and tugging at the outfit and you will eventually find your child with only half the outfit on. Disastrous, if the said outfit costs “an arm and a leg”.
  • Colours in fashion are also another important element to take into account when picking an outfit for Chinese New Year. Bright colours will lend to the festive mood, while dark and dull colours will only incur the wrath of the older generation. Children respond well to bright colour and if there is a little glitter for the little princesses, all the better. Your little boy might like the occasional bright shiny button.
  • Choosing clothing materials that are suitable for prevailing weather conditions is also another important fashion consideration to make. Keeping your child comfortable and cool outdoors, or warm and snug in air-conditions environments will keep your child happy, thus ideally making him/her the centre of attraction.  There is nothing more stressful than seeing your child trying to cope with extreme weather conditions. Children usually love this type of attention, and as a proud parent, you will be beaming too.
  • The material chosen should also ideally be stain resistant or at least allow for easy removal of stains. This will help you not to stress too much over your child spilling food on the clothes or getting it soiled during play. Avoid colours that are too pale and patterns that are too “fussy” as this will only get in your child’s way and create unwanted stress for your little darling.
  • Clothing that is easily removed is something very handy as kids are usually not happy to stop what they are doing, simply to accommodate the need for a wardrobe change. The least amount of pins and buttons would be a priority when choosing the new outfit. This will also help to keep your child safe in the event there is a little rough play. Poked by pins and unnecessary decorative items on the clothing is not to be taken lightly as injury is common.
  • If you are on a budget, as most of us usually are, choosing pieces of clothing that can be mixed and matched to look like completely new fashion outfits will certainly help. Be a savvy shopper and look for items that match this criteria. This will also make your child happy, as he/she will be able to wear the pieces that are consider a favourite without looking the same throughout the festive season.
  • Make sure you have fashion accessories like leggings, matching socks, hats and other items that could add the fun factor into the overall look. This will  help you with your budget, especially if you have to dress a few kids over the festive period and you want them all to look different in each ensemble. If your kids are all about the same size then exchanging items will come in useful.
  • If you are not sure of the festive itinerary and cannot take your kid’s whole wardrobe along, then packing a few basic items that will suit most occasions would be wise. These should include jeans, trendy tops, a jacket for warmth and shoes and sandals your child will be most comfortable wearing. Pick items that are considered unisex both in colour and design, so that it is easily exchangeable between your kids.
  • Taking the time to check out some of the outfits advertised for the season, would give you a better idea of what would be ideal for your child. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the fashion varieties available, and ideally give yourself enough time to shop for the perfect Chinese New Year outfits for each occasion. Rushing with your outfit shopping will only lead to confusion and frustration.

All these tips are proven and effective fashion guidelines to go by, if you want to create a well and appropriately dressed little darling for this Chinese New Year festive season, without actually having to break the bank. Planning and research are key to the ultimate fashion display.

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