Fun ways to keep your new year’s resolutions with the kids

The New Year signals resolutions to becoming better people in all aspects of our life but keeping to those resolutions can become a chore for most. In fact, according to a study, almost 40 percent of people will break those resolutions by 14th January.

Why not make 2013, your year of change, by involving the kids to help you keep those New Year resolutions and meet your New Year goals.

Weight goals
Some of the most popular resolutions that adults make are that of losing weight. So to help you on your way, get moving with the kids and plan family activities around that goal.

For instance, instead of a weekend breakfast at McDonalds; whip up a healthy smoothie for you and the family with some berries, peanut butter and yoghurt before heading to the beach.

While at the beach, instead of letting the kids just make sandcastles, why not engage in a game of catch or ultimate frisbee with them. The physical activity with get your heart pumping, and the time spent with the kids will get them smiling!

Quitting goals
If 2013 is the year you quit smoking, it is a great idea to get the kids in on the action. Stating it clearly to your family that you want to give up smoking could help them find ways to support you. For example, as a way to get my grandfather to stop smoking, my sister used to draw and put up ‘No Smoking’ posters all around the house as well as little messages on my grandfather’s cigarette packs.

These little reminders by your little ones could just be the extra push for you to stick to that resolution.

Learning goals
Learning is a lifelong process and if 2013 is that year where you finally learn to play the piano or pick up in-line skating, remember that starting that activity with someone could be the key to you sticking to it till you finally achieve that goal.

So why not learn something that both you and your child is interested in? For example if both you and your child have a keen interest in photography, sign up for a course that you can take together and go on photo-taking trip every weekend. This is both a great motivational as well as bonding tool!

So, this year, make it your goal to get your family involved in your New Year’s resolutions!

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