Funky gift wrapping ideas that kids will love

Kids go gaga over presents, any presents actually. As soon as they receive something, expect the kids to immediately rip and tear through the wrapper without second thoughts. They just want what’s covered underneath all that paper, tape and ribbon.

It is important that children should also be taught to appreciate the effort that a giver had made in order to wrap the present. Unfortunately, this can be quite hard especially when the wrapper is just those varieties that can be bought from any store.

Parents, who want to teach their child to appreciate the effort it requires to wrap a gift, should also work hard when selecting wrappers for their own use. They should always wrap all of their presents in a special and personalized way.  When their kids see how much time and love is given by their parents to wrap just one present, the children should begin to see gift-wrapping and wrappers in a whole new light.

For the kids to love the wrapping as much as what’s inside, here are some funky gift wrapping ideas that kids would love:

1.)   Comic strip – Parents who have a flair for drawing could create personalized comic strips on plain paper and use that to wrap their presents for their kids. Those who don’t really have the knack for drawing can also use the pages of an old comic book or just collect several strips from newspapers. For sure, the kids would take the time to read the comic strip before opening their presents. They might also gingerly remove the wrapping so they can read it for later.

2.)   Toy cars – Any kid who loves toy cars will appreciate a present wrapped with toy cars, right? But how is it done? First, wrap the present with plain wrapping paper. Then, cut a thick and long strip of black wrapping paper and use a white marker to draw several broken vertical lines. The strip should now resemble a street or highway. Tape the strip on one side of the front of the wrapped present. Then, glue several mini toy cars going on different directions on each side of the lines. The child who receives this present doesn’t even have to remove the wrappings to enjoy his gift.

3.)   Chalkboard – Kids loves writing with chalk so give they should be given ample opportunities to do so. Instead of just wrapping a kid’s present with plain colored wrapping paper, stick on a square of chalkboard cloth fabric on the front too. The chalkboard fabric should be about as big as the wrapped box to provide more room for doodles and notes. Don’t forget to attach colored chalk pieces as well.

4.)   Candies – Embellishing plainly-wrapped gifts with hard candies are always a hit with kids. Instead of putting ribbons, a large colorful lollipop on top of a box would surely elicit a lot of smiles from the recipient.  Small individually wrapped candies also make great decorations for presents. The kids would surely have a great time removing the candies from the wrapper.

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