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LolliBox is a fun little box packed with all sorts of creative, hands-on materials. The product aims to develop creativity and expression in the child playing with it. LolliBox is recommended for kids aged 3 – 7 years old.

Major components

The LolliBox comprises four major components. There is a hands-on project aimed at developing a child’s creativity and expression, a theme-based project that allows kids to experiment and thus enrich their minds, activities aimed at educating and stimulating imaginations and a badge to award children upon the completion of all the activities.

Benefits for the family

LolliBox saves the trouble of parents running around to toy shops or craft shops to get different interactive activities. LolliBox already provides a wide variety of games and activities all in a box. The components inside the box are also carefully selected to educate children and provide them with as much fun as possible. The activities are also structured in a way that parents could get involved and participate in the activities alongside their children. This creates a cherished bonding session between parents and kids.

LolliBox – Amazing Animals Theme

The Amazing Animals themed LolliBox comprised four different activities. In the ‘Create Your Own Zoo package, animal figurines, coloured plasticine blocks and craft sticks are provided to allow kids to form their very own zoo. A card inside the package gives helpful advice on using the plasticine to create shapes and objects.

In the ‘Now You See Me Now You Don’t!’ package, kids will learn about the wonder of camouflage in the animal kingdom. A set of cards inside the packet shows animals camouflaging in their natural habitat. A deer in the forest, a green snake in the leaves. Children are challenged to spot the hidden animals. The packet also contains coloured sticks to be used in an activity where parents scatter them on the ground and children try to find as many as they can in a certain time limit.

Another packet contains a bonus activity which involves markers, a zoo-themed photo frame and magnets. Children are encouraged to colour the photo frame and stick the magnets on the back to create a fun fridge magnet.

The variety of activities in each LolliBox is sure to provide parents and children with an afternoon of fun and learning. Get a LolliBox today!

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