Getting your kids to behave in a high-class restaurant

Going out to dine in a restaurant with the whole family can be such as stressful time for any parent. Although the hiatus from the usual home cooked meal is very much welcomed, the chaos that often follows while in public with naughty kids is enough to cancel any plans.
Sitting still for twenty minutes to an hour can be quite difficult for most children. But if you follow these tips on getting your kids to behave in a restaurant, the entire family may finally be able to enjoy a night out without any mishaps.

Start at home

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Polite behavior and good table manners start at home. If parents have been training their children to sit properly, chew slowly and quietly, and talk softly since they were little, eating at a restaurant would be a breeze. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. If you are still having trouble disciplining your kids, you might want to practice “dining out” at home two to three times a week. Aided with suitable eating cutlery and table napkins, let your children get used to eating formally. Teach them to sit still after eating and wait for everyone to finish before standing up. All these can be pretty difficult especially when dealing with older kids but don’t give up. After a several practice runs, you can decide for yourself if they are truly ready for the restaurant experience.




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