Great kid-friendly restaurants in Singapore

Becoming a parent does not mean that you should stop enjoying nice dinners in refined restaurants, right?

We understand how difficult it may be to find kid-friendly restaurants – a place where your kids are kept entertained, while you relax and enjoy the atmosphere and good food?

But wait…what if we were to tell you that here in Singapore, you can have the best of both worlds without spoiling the dining experience for you or your kids?

Find the perfect balance between food and fun and check out our top picks of Singapore’s unique, yet totally kid-friendly restaurants.

La Villa

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This kid friendly restaurant allows grown-ups to enjoy a wonderful meal while their kids can jump about in the bouncy castle entertainment unit. There is also a fully equipped playground within an open field next door for those more spirited kids. A specially installed slushie machine adds to the fun element, and kids can order brightly coloured drinks when they become hot and bothered.

La Villa

Have you been to one of these kid-friendly restaurants in Singapore? Or, have we missed one out? Please tell us in the comments section below .


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