Guide to painting with your kids

Painting. Whenever a parent hears this word, a cornucopia of images involving spilled paint, messy house, and a very dirty child automatically comes forth in his mind. As parents, we are too focused on maintaining the order in our endlessly chaotic homes that we never realize that we are already stomping on our kid’s artistic potential.

Personally, I try not to shudder whenever my son asks me for his painting supplies.  Even though there will always be spilled watercolour paint all over the floor and lots of permanent marker dots on our tablecloth each time he paints, I don’t want to stop his passion for art. As soon as he starts painting, he would stay distracted and entertained for hours and hours that I could finish two to three chores or read several chapters of a perfectly good book.

In order for my son’s painting sessions to become a win-win situation for both of us, I thought of ways that would allow my son to paint freely while I could get some “ME” time. My plan had to be fool-proof because I am just so tired of cleaning up all the mess that he makes.

Just like what I did, all parents must invest in plastic containers, an oil cloth apron, and two plastic tablecloths. Also, follow this guide to painting with your kids and help promote neatness and organization every time they would paint:

1) To ensure that your floors wouldn’t be wet again, lay out one large plastic tablecloth under the table that your child will be painting on. Also, cover the table with another plastic tablecloth for added spill protection. With this, any spills can be easily sponged or wiped off.

2) Acquire see-through plastic containers of varying sizes. These containers are really valuable since they can be used to store all painting materials. Segregating the materials according to types will be easier as well. Position these containers on or near the table for easy access during the actual painting session and while packing away the materials during clean-ups. Encourage your child to be consistent in properly storing his painting supplies without your help.

3) Always remind your child to wear the oil cloth apron while painting. This will protect your kid’s clothing from any stains due to paint splatters.

It is important that parents do not restrict their children from painting especially when it is their passion. It is not healthy to hide the painting supplies from the kids just because they’ll be making a big mess. Parents need to find a way to control the clutter and mess while encouraging their kids to be more careful and neat while painting. With a parent’s constant guidance, the child will also learn how to take care of his painting materials and store them away properly to prevent any waste and damage.

The most important thing is to appreciate what your child has lovingly created and praise him for his work. Make some room in the home (not just the fridge’s door) where his art work can be showcased and seen by all family members and guests. Hearing compliments about his creations will boost his ego and help him further improve on his chosen craft.

Article by Karen C Mira

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