Halloween at Woodgrove Drive

Amid the countless costume parties and events for Halloween, where has traditional trick-or-treating gone? To Woodlands! Next to the Singapore American School, Woodgrove Drive closes its streets from traffic every Halloween, and the whole neighbourhood goes all out in Halloween spirit.

Halloween at Woodgrove Drive

Trick-or-treating: A customary Halloween tradition in North America since the early 1950s. Children dress in costumes and go from house to house to ask for treats such as candy with the question “Trick or treat?”

Every year at Halloween, houses at Woodgrove Drive will deck in elaborate, spooky props – expect hanging mummies or giant spiders – and families dress in their best costumes to give out candy to visitors. From 6pm till the candy runs out (about 9pm) on October 31st, trick-or-treaters will don various Halloween costumes and go door-to-door for some candy treats! Enter at the start of Woodgrove Drive near Al-Ameen is and Loy Kee Chicken Rice.

halloween at woodgrove drive

Woodgrove is the only place as close the traditional Halloween you can get, and word-of-mouth have certainly increased its popularity throughout the years. People from around Woodlands and all over travel to Woodgrove for this experience. Expect close to 5000 people of every age, from babies to grandparents, the young and old all partake in trick-or-treating! Not only expats participate in this event, as locals and other nationalities are as equally enthusiastic about this American holiday.
You don’t need to pay big bucks to visit a haunted house or a well-organised party, admission is free for a traditional Halloween at Woodgrove Drive!

halloween at woodgrove drive

What to prepare for Halloween at Woodgrove:

  • A basket (for collecting candy!) -the prettiest ones always get more!
  • Don your best Halloween get up (People who dress in costumes always get better and more candy! And you won’t be a downer)
  • Park your car further away from Woodgrove Avenue (there is a multi-storey carpark at Al-Ameen, but it will be packed), as there are a lot of people. Better yet, don’t drive at all
  • An open mindset and to just have a good time!
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